Workers’ Compensation Trust

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The Missouri Rural Services Workers’ Compensation Insurance Trust is a large self-insured group in Missouri, providing workers’ compensation benefits to public entities and nonprofits in Missouri.  The “Trust” is overseen by the Department of Labor and Industrial Relations.  Formed in 1992, the Trust has grown from 26 original Members to approximately 580 Members.  It is one of the few self-insured groups marketed through the Independent Insurance Agency System.  Excess insurance is provided by A+ / Superior rated Safety National Casualty Corporation. The Trust has distributed a total of $18,281,548 in dividends to qualifying members.

Types of Entities Eligible for Membership:

  • Cities
  • Counties
  • 501 C (3) Nonprofits
  • Public Water Supply Districts
  • Sewer Districts
  • Levee Districts
  • County Health Departments
  • Ambulance & Fire Districts with Full Time Personnel
  • Rural Housing Authorities
  • Public School Districts
  • Nonprofit Schools
  • County or City-owned Nursing Homes,
  • Nonprofit Nursing Homes
  • County-owned Hospitals

Brentwood Services Administrators provides adjusting, medical and indemnity payments for the Trust.

Adjuster Vicki Close
Brentwood Services Administrators
P.O. Box 4605
Chesterfield, Missouri 63006-4605
Direct Phone:  636-812-9929
Fax:  636-489-1196

Adjuster Jill Voss
Brentwood Services Administrators
P.O. Box 4605
Chesterfield, Missouri 63006-4605
Direct Phone:  636-733-6382
Fax:  615-806-7091

The Trust has distributed over $18,281,548 in refunds to the members in the form of a dividend

Rates and Premium Discounts
The Trust has the most competitive rates in the industry. Premium discounts are as high as 25

Safety videos, regional meetings, safety newsletters, personal safety visits.

Safety Website – Click Here

Preferred Provider Organization
The Trust has partnered with LogiComp in Kansas City, MO. LogiComp provides the preferred provider network, medical bills review, and medical bill repricing.

Excess Insurance 
Two types of excess insurance are purchased annually by the Trust, specific excess and aggregate excess insurance.

Call us at 800-726-9304 Fax 573-634-4789 use the extension listed below for each employee

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Assistant Administrator
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Staff Accountant
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